5 STEPS BASIC DAILY SKINCARE routine with NATUREL KISS & ANNUR for healthy , beautiful skin , naturally .

1. Cleanse 
Use ANNUR Facial Wash OR NATUREL KISS Micellar Cleanser to cleanse your face gently

2. Mist
Mist your skin with NATUREL KISS Energy Water Mist to tone, hydrates, revitalizes and prepares your skin for moisturizer

3. Moisturize
Moisturize your skin with ANNUR Face Serum or you can opt to skip this step if you find the NATUREL KISS Energy Water Mist is sufficient enough

4. Protect
Protect & Beautify your skin with NATUREL KISS Rose-UV Sunscreen with SPF35 PA++
that provides coverage from harmful UVA & UVB rays and other environmental damages.

5. Cover
Apply NATUREL KISS TWC foundation to finish off your basic routine (you can mist your face again with NATUREL KISS Energy Mist before applying NATUREL KISS Two Way Cake if you prefer for a smoother application) .

You’re now ready to face the world with beautiful & natural skin.

NATUREL KISS for beautiful skin naturally…..

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